With Afghanistan Out Of The Equation, China has all the Attention

China is expected to get even more attention from the U.S after the fall of Kabul, Be it, not the kind China wants, Also, Expect even more saber-rattling from Washington along with the typical human rights virtue signaling from the State Department.

Also expect the State Department to perform more Anti-China foreign policy tours, primarily focused on China’s re-education of extremists, all while in America, Blacks and Minorities are treated as second-class citizens.

Lastly, A plethora of words to make it seem as if they speak for everyone…Words Such as, “Speaking on behalf of the world” or “behalf of the world community” or “the world community believes” All the while they represent a minority sentiment, If you take into account all the other countries, and not just the Anglo countries, such as the State Department routinely focused on, I guess everyone else just doesn’t matter?

New Propaganda For America’s Next/Post-Afghanistan War

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