Why The West is Pushing The China Lab Leak Theory

A look into the potential reasoning behind America's focus on shifting blame, rather than implementing changes to its Pandemic Response Procedures. 

In America’s anti competitor playbook, the use of casting doubt against its potential competitor has been the go-to procedure; character assassination via western media has always been the first shot across the bow against any potential competitor.

In order to undermine any gains in the way China handled the virus outbreak, the west felt a need to push back against any positive news and ultimately force China back to a defensive public relations position. During the early days of the virus, Trump was all smiles during the outbreak in China, Trump initially said China was doing a good job combating the new Virus. Some in The Administration also said a Virus in China might be good for the U.S economy, as manufacturers might consider moving back to the U.S because of it.

A few weeks later, the West began a downward spiral because of the mishandling of the Covid-19 Virus. In The U.S, watching China moving ahead in its standing around the world forced the U.S to change its tone concerning China.

  • The need to change public perception of China for Geo-Political reasons.

The U.S approach against the Corona Virus didn’t work

The U.S approach was one of trying to slow down the virus and give up on containing it, as was the case during the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic (H1N1pdm09 virus) that also swept across the U.S without any real Government action to contain, for fear that any Government steps to stop the virus might hurt the U.S economy. Western Governments opted for loose policies to reduce the economic damage, eventually paying the price in human cost.

  • During the 1N1pdm09 virus, In 2009, the U.S also decided against any border restrictions. Believing any border restrictions were not an effective way of combating a virus.
  • In 2020 the U.S initially did not have restrictions on travel and also didn’t require face masks. Both of those decisions would eventually change, but only after public backlash and after having to backtrack from their initial decisions.
  • According to foreignpolicy.com: The White House’s official narrative about the pandemic is contradicted by the facts—and creates new obstacles to stopping the virus.

China’s influence grows after a successful response

For Some in the U.S, it was alarming to witness China coming out on top and with even more foreign influence after the Government’s response to such a monumental event. However, western Governments could only watch in vain as China’s approach of containing the virus was being hailed as more successful than that of the west, which evidently didn’t sit well with the Western Governments; ultimately, the choice was made to go full negative against China.

Western Countries Focused On Shifting Blame

As Covid lockdowns are being lifted across the U.S and in many western countries, Those Governments are now looking ahead; most are now focused on vaccine diplomacy and changing public opinion regarding what actually transpired during the pandemic, and according to them, “who is really responsible” for the pandemic.

recently, without any proof but with much fanfare and deliberate media bias reporting, the origins of the Virus are once again being used as a propaganda tool against China.

As of 6/15/21, More than 600,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the U.S. primarily because America’s “Economy First” approach of slowing rather than stopping the virus was implemented.

Unlike the U.S, China was willing to sacrifice its economy to contain the virus and protect its population by having mandatory lockdowns of entire states, some of which had populations of hundreds of millions in order to contain the Covid outbreak, even in the face of heavy criticism from Western Governments, Calling China’s approach of stopping the spread too aggressive, those same Governments would eventually decide to give up on stopping the spread and focus in slowing the virus in order to protect the economy.

Today West is quickly trying to write its wrong via the public opinion by shifting blame rather than holding its public figures accountable for such a dismal response. History is written by the victors, and the West is afraid it will be looked down upon as being incompetent in its response.

USA COVID-19 Timeline

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