Why is NPR biased when reporting the Russian-Ukrain war?

Western Media, for whatever reason, has decided to put aside all impartiality and go full-biased news regarding reporting on the Russia-Ukraine War.

Simple Example

Below is a small example of the type of selective news reporting that helps drive a narrative the organization is pushing. How? NPR only uses hosts that are in line with the current geopolitical narrative.

Why is NPR participating in an agenda-driven campaign?

As soon as the War broke out in Ukraine, NPR only hosted guests that were in line with the Anti-Russia narrative, all of the contributing hosts played down the reasoning behind Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, NATO’s expansion, and the failure of the Minsk accords.

Why is NPR biased?

If you are reporting “only part” of the story, and that selective part leads the listeners to think there is no other alternative to the “fact.” then you are sharing biased news and pushing an agenda-driven campaign.

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