Why China doesn’t trust the American foreign policy

The U.S is interested in the Containment of any potential competitor.

Those that read The Wolfowitz Doctrine know that any country that could potentially rival the U.S economically and militarily would be facing the same foreign policy wrath China is facing today from the West.

After Obama’s American pivot to Asia, The world started to see American Administrations’ new foreign policy moves to contain China’s rise and influence worldwide. The last hyperpower has mostly settled for the pretext of “American Security” as the excuse for its actions against China. Still, the reality was far different; America was trying to stop a future competitor from potentially challenging America’s foreign policy approach of unilateralism.

America’s rise as to the world’s superpower and eventually the sole hyperpower has allowed it many perks, one of them being, The Dollar being the World’s Reserve. This, in turn, has made it easy for The U.S Federal Reserve System to print money and thus made financing for the ever-expensive American dream obtainable for the average American.

CNA Documentary on the subject.

What will the future pecking order look like?

The U.S. is in chaos. The pandemic is not yet under control. The economic crisis will set American wealth back at least five years. That’s according to nikkei.com, while China’s gross domestic product, in purchasing power terms, is expected to be 40% higher than the U.S.’s in 2020, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The U.S like Russia will remain a superpower by the mere fact it has a large number of nuclear weapons at its disposal. Ultimately the downward spiral of America’s decline will not occur endless the Dollar is removed as the world’s foreign reserve currency.

Pessimism at home: pewsocialtrends.org Notes, About two-thirds of whites (65%) forecast a diminished role in the world for the U.S. in 30 years, a view shared by 48% of blacks and Hispanics. Roughly seven-in-ten adults with a bachelor’s or higher degree (69%) see a lesser role internationally for America. [p]

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