Who is behind the assassination of Haiti’s President?

Island country Haiti has been reeling since Moise was gunned down early on Wednesday at his home in Port-au-Prince.

Haitian Police Chief Léon Charles said 17 suspects had been detained.

The suspects were later paraded in front of cameras over the weekend, after Haiti’s president’s Assassination. Most of the detained were Colombian nationals, leading to speculation the plan to assassinate the President of Haiti came from Colombia. However, the assailants first claimed to be part of America’s DEA anti-drug organization according to a video seculating online during the time of the assassination.

Those Colombians implicated in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse were supposedly recruited by four international companies and traveled to the Caribbean nation in two groups via the Dominican Republic, the head of Colombia’s police said Friday.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said senior FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials would be sent to Haiti “as soon as possible to assess the situation.”

The French-language newspaper Le Nouvelliste reported of the Haitian-Americans arrested, James Solages and Joseph Vincent, said the attackers originally planned only to arrest Moïse, not kill him.

South American guns-for-hire have been turning up in war zones around the world, including Yemen, Iraq, Israel, and Afghanistan, for years now. according to theguardian.com

Guns For Hire

Starting in 2005, South American military personnel received training from the United States on behalf of Plan Colombia, Shortly after, many of them would travel to the Middle East for work, hired by US security companies, to carry out surveillance and escort duties in countries such as the United Arab Emirates. Blackwater, one of the giants among the US government’s military contractors, is routinely one of the war’s ‘businessmen’ who most require its services. In Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan there have also been former men of war in Colombia.

The current Haitian government requests the US to send troops after the president’s assassination.

More twists and turns

According to the family of a Colombian mercenary, he was in Haiti to protect someone important , but it was too late. the family member of the deceased said, “they arrived half an hour after the man had died.” The siblings exchanged messages all day long, and he begged her not to tell their mother that he was in danger.

Multiple sources have now confirmed the detained men said they were hired by CTU Security, It is run by a Venezuelan in Florida.

The detained men said they were hired by CTU, and several of them indicated they had been in Haiti for at least three months, some longer. The men were hired to provide VIP security, one source said, and were paid about $3,000 a month. The two Haitian Americans

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