Western Governments Have A Long History Of Trying To Divide China

What are the U.S Geopolitical goals behind stirring strife between China, Taiwan and H.K?

To understand the reason behind the western attempts to divide China, you have to look back at Chinese history. The west has had a long history of trying to divide the heavily populated country.

Old anti China Propaganda poster. The Western dream to divide China has a long history.

History Of Western Confrontations Against China.

First Opium War

First Opium War: The First Opium War began in 1839 and was fought over trading rights. European allies wanted to force China to open up to the opium drug trade. British East India Company was sending 4,000 chests of opium (each 77 kg) per year.

After the first Opium War Hong Kong forcibly became a colony and dependent territory of the British Empire from 1841 to 1997, apart from a brief period under Japanese occupation from 1941 to 1945.

The colonial occupation period began with the occupation of Hong Kong Island in 1841 during the First Opium War.

Second Opium War

Second Opium War: In 1853, Imperial Commissioner Ye Mingchen was determined to stamp out the opium trade, which was still technically illegal. European allies for their part, including Britain, France, and the Russian Empire, fought the Second Opium War against China for greater trade concessions, including legalization of the opium trade

American soldiers from the 14th Infantry Regiment assaulting Peking.

Eight-Nation Alliance: The Eight-Nation Alliance was a multi-national military coalition that invaded North China in 1900 to relieve the foreign legations in Beijing besieged by popular Boxer militia determined to expunge foreign influence and government troops determined to defend China. The Allied, Mostly white western forces consisted of approximately 45,000 troops from the eight nations of Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, the United States, Italy and Austria-Hungary. 

The occupation of Peking, China by the Western Allies became, in the words of an American journalist, “the biggest looting expedition since Pizarro“.

Each nationality accused the others of being the worst looters. Missionary Luella Miner said, “The conduct of the Russian soldiers is atrocious, the French are not much better, and the Japanese are looting and burning without mercy”. The British applied a process of “loot auctions” every afternoon except Sunday at their Legation. 

Documentary regarding Western Actions against China.

Today, The west is still stirring strife between China, Taiwan, and H.K

Although the PRC rules only Mainland China and has no control of Taiwan, PRC still maintains Taiwan As part of its territory under its “One China Principle.”

American interference of China’s H.K

A secret high-level committee of Hong Kong senior activists worked with Western agents from the CIA to coordinate and amplify the leaderless protests against the fugitive law amendment last year, Nury Vittachi claims in his book The Other Side of the Story: A Secret War in Hong Kong.

American interference of One China policy.

Trump administration ramped up backing for the island country, with arms sales and laws to help Taiwan pressure China. A move that would be beneficial to U.S in Asia pacific.

The U.S Pushes Large Arms Sale to Taiwan. The U.S. State Department has approved three weapons systems to Taiwan, sensors, missiles, and artillery.

The United States government has so far announced $5.1 billion in arms sales to democratically-ruled Taiwan in 2020.

Before leaving office Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was lifting restrictions on contacts between U.S. officials and their Taiwanese counterparts. The move was seen by China and many surrounding countries as a way to embolden Taiwan into confronting China more aggressively.

U.S Military bases surrounding China

U.S. military has encircled China with a chain of air bases and military ports. The latest link: a small airstrip on the tiny Pacific island of Saipan. The U.S. Air Force is planning to lease 33 acres of land on the island for the next 50 years to build a “divert airfield” 

According to stripes.com, a pro-American propaganda website, Saipan would be used by American jets in case access to the U.S. superbase at Guam “or other Western Pacific airfields is limited or denied,” reads this Air Force document discussing the impact of building such fields on Saipan and nearby Tinian would have on the environment there. 

China’s Xi warns attempts to divide China will end in ‘shattered bones’

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