United States , Russia and China in Africa


As America’s foreign direct investment slows, China has stepped up with infrastructure and business investments.

All three countries are vying for influence in different ways. each one using their respective strengths for influence.

[Foreign policy magazine] Has come out stating America needs to do more, France’s unilateralism and the United States’ wavering are destabilizing the Sahel—and creating an opening for Russia and China.

According to the Magazine, the fact that America hasn’t been more involved is the reason things are getting worse in Africa.

American Military in Africa,

Russian influence in Africa

  • In the Central African Republic, “Russia has bolstered its influence with increased military cooperation including donations of arms, with which it has gained access to markets and mineral extraction rights,” Waldhauser explained in his public testimony. “With minimal investment, Russia leverages private military contractors, such as the Wagner Group.” He noted that the president of the Central African Republic, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, had recently installed “a Russian civilian as his National Security Advisor.  [theintercept.com]

China influence in Africa in Africa