U.S Concerned China Could Increase its nuclear warhead Stockpile in order to counter an Imbalance With The West

As of 2019, the U.S. has an inventory of 6,185 nuclear warheads, While China on the other hand maintains an arsenal of between 250 to 350 nukes

Even with the current lopsided warhead numbers in America’s favor, The U.S State Department continues playing up China’s Nuclear Warheads to countries in Asia, in a move to paint China as an agent of instability in the region. All while the U.S currently has China surrounded by Military bases and continues its aggressive anti-China foreign policy of containment.

China could be looking to correct the nuclear warhead Imbalance With The West

Hu Xijin is the editor-in-chief of the Global Times.

“We (China) must be prepared for an intense showdown between China and the U.S.,” Hu wrote in an op-ed for the Global Times.

“The number of China’s nuclear warheads must reach the quantity that makes U.S. elites shiver should they entertain the idea of engaging in a military confrontation with China.”

If this reasoning is actually the current Chinese Government sentiment about nuclear warheads, Would anyone be surprised they would feel the need to protect against a potential miscalculation from the West? Isn’t that what any country is expected to do?

U.S response to China’s “supposed” progress in correcting an Imbalance

America’s top diplomat Antony Blinken expressed concern to Southeast Asian diplomats about China’s growing nuclear arsenal, the State Department said.

An increasingly powerful and assertive China necessitates a “forceful, serious response” from the U.S., former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said

Not Verified.

Even though western media is pushing news of Silos being built in China, no actual verification has been done. in fact, some of the same photos plastered across western news outlets have been debunked.

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