No nation is better than others, and China won’t ever acknowledge any country that considers itself along these lines

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price’s explanations of Sherman’s trip to China as “from a position of strength” due to its consultations with its allies.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticises Washington for thinking it self as a ‘superior’ nation and says it needs to learn how to treat others equally.

Perhaps Mr Wang Yi was referring to America’s self-proclaimed “American exceptionalism

“The US has always put pressure on others with its self-claimed strengths in a condescending manner,” Wang refuted. “But I want to tell the US side that there is never a country that is superior to others, and there shouldn’t be one.”

If the US still hasn’t learned how to treat other countries equally, then China, together with the international community, has a responsibility to teach the US, Wang noted. 

Wáng Yì; born 19 October 1953) is a senior Chinese diplomat and politician who has been the foreign minister since March 2013.

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