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The U.S is looking to push Europe into the front lines in its push against China, this comes as America’s reign of being the sole superpower is inevitably ending and the American exceptionalism shine begins to fade around the world.

The U.S Club nicknamed G-7 was in full swing over the past week, its primary focus was how to deal with another Super Power not part of the “primarily old AngloSaxon” Club. The U.S agenda was primarily focused on containing China’s growth in order to maintain the U.S hegemony over the world.

Welcome to the New U.S Administration agenda, Same as the Old agenda. The new U.S Administration has decided to continue Trump’s old playbook against China in order to maintain the anti-China pressure. The U.S primary wedge’s against China were “Covid-19 origins” and “Xinjiang”.

  • if you read the Wolfowitz Doctrine is it really surprising the U.S is posturing in such a manner?

President Joe Biden steps to counter China’s rising global influence include offering developing nations an infrastructure plan that would rival Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative by supporting projects such as railways in Africa and wind farms in Asia.

The American Administration also demanded a high degree of autonomy for China’s Hong Kong, thus deliberately interfering in China’s internal affairs. This, in turn only served in showcasing America’s role in interfearing and destabilizing those countries that are deemed a threat to its dominance.

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