The top Anti Andrés Manuel López Obrador News Media Organisations in America

Currently, Mexican President AMLO has been experiencing relentless attacks from the news media in the United States.

  • Trying to Rid his country of foreign dependence on refined fuels: Attacked
  • Trying to Rid his country of corruption: Attacked
  • Trying to pass laws that would hold Corrupt Politicians accountable: Attacked

The question one should ask is, why is the Western Media Against a President that wants to end Corruption? Who are they trying to protect?

large conglomerates use corruption in order to gain favorable business deals. And so anything that would change the ‘status quo’ would not be in U.S business interest.

Financial Times: pro-America Propaganda
already proven as fake news. yet Bloomberg has chosen not to retract the fake news.
miamiherald has decided to attack the Mexican President after his stance against Cuban Sanctions that are hurting Cuban people.
washingtonpost a neo-liberal news organization has been attacking AMLO from the beginning

Western Media has a long history of toeing the American foreign Policy line. As they helped garner support for Operations in IRAQ, LYBIA, SYRIA, and most other U.S interventions.

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