The Taliban Is Now Protecting Americans at Kabul Airport From ISIS-K

In a turn of events, After the deadly attacks at Kabul Airport in the past week, the Taliban are now in charge of security outside the airport in order to help facilitate the withdrawal of American soldiers and negate any attacks from ISIS-K.

Notwithstanding the internal disagreements within the U.S intelligence community that are having a hard time spinning the turn of events at the Kabul airport regarding an unspoken truce that involves the Taliban indirectly working with U.S troops at the airport. The Attack was an embarrassment to the Taliban because it wanted to maintain an image of control in Afghanistan. The attack shattered that image momentarily, soon after the attacks the Taliban was able to hunt down two ISIS-K bombing suspects.

Not wanting to give the Taliban any credit for the quick arrest of ISIS-K bombing suspects, or show that it can be a trusted Government. The U.S has begun planting the idea that ISIS-K is co-mingling with the Taliban. Perhaps to put sanctions on the Country at a later date or make it impossible for any other country to do business with the Taliban.

Taliban’s fight against ISIS-K is not expected to be done anytime soon. even before the Attacks on the airport, the two factions have been routinely involved in skirmishes.

Third-Party involved in combating ISIS-K in Afghanistan, Russia. In past Russia has been criticized for providing support to the Taliban in its fight against ISIS-K. John W. Nicholson Jr. was quoted: “We know that the Russians are involved” in an interview With BBC “We see a narrative that’s being used that grossly exaggerates the number of Isis [Islamic State group] fighters here,” Gen Nicholson told BBC News. “This narrative then is used as a justification for the Russians to legitimize the actions of the Taliban and provide some degree of support to the Taliban.”

Just like Syria or in many countries in the Middle East, Russia has been transparent in its fight against ISIS. While the U.S has been criticized for supporting ISIS in Syria under a CIA operation named Timber Sycamore in order to help topple President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

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