Americas Agenda-Setting Campaigns: Biased News


Agenda-Setting Campaigns in The Media: According to MAXWELL E. McCOMBS, DONALD L. SHAW

When choosing and displaying news, editors, newsroom staff, and broadcasters play an important part in shaping political reality. Readers learn not only about a given issue, but also how much importance to attach to that issue from the amount of information in a news story and its position. In reflecting what candidates are saying during a campaign, the mass media may well determine the important issues—that is, the media may set the “agenda” of the campaign.[.pdf]

The existential threat today is not a foreign invasion, but an agenda-driven “news” organization. Gone are the days where the “News” organization in America could not give personal biased opinions on a subject for fear of losing Journalistic objectivity.

Most of the “News” we consume today is skewed toward one political viewpoint or another, depending on party loyalty or personal view.

3 types of agenda-setting: Policy-makers, Media and Audience

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How We Got To Media Polarization

The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was—in the FCC’s view—honest, equitable, and balanced. wiki/FCC_fairness_doctrine

More and more Americans gravitate to news sources they agree with instead of news that is fair or balanced.

An example of how the media can sway public opinion.

Today the most polarising topic is China. So we will look at news organizations and how they cover the news from said country. Below we provide a typical list of current news from Western news organizations regarding the targeted country China.

The U.S FOX NEWS Network is custom-tailored for Conservative viewers.

Below we look at a steady stream of anti China articles from FOXNEWS.

Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia is the Australian equivalent of the American FoxNews. Both organizations essentially push the same narrative. Most of the News About China is negative and one-sided.

Sky News UK

Sky News is a British free-to-air television news channel and organisation. The News Organization is catered to conservative audience. What we see below is “Opinion run News” masquerades as legitimate news.

What we see from Western Media is the constant dissemination of negative news about China. Not one contrary news articles that question the narrative.

All announcements from the Western Governments are considered facts without question, any journalist that questions or deviates from the narrative lose access to press meetings.

Note: Under both Republican and Democrat administration, the press had to maintain appeasement for access.

Commander in Chief Donald John Trump

Trump has been using China as his perfect scapegoat for most of America’s problems, something his conservative audiences are readily receptive to hearing during his many T.V appearances.

Trump’s anti-Chinese rhetoric is nothing new.

Consequences Of Bias News

One of the Consequences Of Bias News is it shapes people’s perception and views of a subject. In turn, it can have negative implications or consequences against a people that happen to be from any given country or ethnic group targeted by the bias news.

Yellow Peril

Xenophobia is not something new to most western countries, in fact it has a long history.

Yellow Peril

The Yellow Peril (also the Yellow Terror and the Yellow Specter) is a racist color-metaphor that misrepresents the peoples of East Asia as an existential danger to the Western world.[2] As a psycho-cultural menace from the Eastern world, fear of the Yellow Peril is racial, not national. The new Yellow Peril?


Anti-Chinese sentiment or Sinophobia. In places where Chinese people constitute a minority — such as Europe, the United States and Australia — sinophobia seems to be incited by harmful stereotypes that classify Chinese people as dirty and uncivilized. Headlines such as “New Yellow Peril,” “China Virus Panda-monium” and “China kids stay home” have prevailed in Western newspapers. –

The slow response to racism from public Policy makers & the Media helped fuel racist sentiments targeting Asians

Pushback from China CGTN

Media Soft Power. After facing continues negative news from the West, CGTN has taken to YouTube to give it’s own side of the story.

CGTN, formerly known as CCTV-9 and CCTV News, is an international English-language news channel based in Beijing owned by China Central Television, a state-owned broadcaster.

The fact that China had to fund a News organization to showcase its side of the story because the western media was unwilling, is telling. The West’s lazy journalism created the environment we are in today.

Closing Thoughts on Agenda-Setting Campaigns in the Media.

Agenda-Setting Campaigns are a form of propaganda because they lack neutrality and only show one side of the issue. Thus leaving viewers to believe there is no other alternative to the onesided version of the facts.

News Organizations should go back to reporting and doing investigative journalism and keep opinions away from the front page. Although today China is the primary country receiving the negative and bias news, it can easily be turned on any other country, group, or people.


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