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The Fall of Kabul

For the Capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, It's days are numbered

When Kabul finally falls, it will most likely be a harsh reality for the U.S, It will represent 20 years of wasted time and a trillion dollars equipping and training in order to prop up a government that would not fight the fight in order to save itself.

Kabul, the Capital of Afghanistan, will be remembered as another Vietnam in America’s history. A war that was also hastily and ultimately retreated from. For years many Scholars said if the U.S left Afganistan, It would most certainly fall in a day, it wasn’t a day, but it sure was shocking to see how fast it fell to the ragtag group called the Taliban.

Currently, the U.S is sending troops to evacuate the reaming personal from Kabul, sending 5000 troops to facilitate that last mission, a retreat, now being called “a drawdown,” in order to save face. A Decision that should have been made years ago, yet that day never seemed to come, especially because Neocon politicians continued to fund the Afghanistan War effort and believed that if they just held on for a little longer, the U.S would prevail.

To most Afghanis, It’s not shocking to see a Government that only represented the wealthy Afghan oligarchs and warlords fall in the face of an inevitable reckoning from the Taliban. Unfortunately for Afganistan as a whole, they will end up suffering because of the selfish actions of the few that made it impossible for the average citizen of Afghanistan to feel a need (or a sense of loyalty) to do their part in saving a country that did not represent an average person’s interests.


  1. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday defended President Joe Biden’s decision to withdrawal American troops from the country.

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