The American Insurrection

2021 started with a violent uprising against American authority and government. Politicians from around the World are blaming Trump for inciting protesters by repeatedly stating he won the election and calling the 2020 Presidential election results rigged. With his many unsubstantiated election-fraud allegations, Trump has managed to rile up his cult-like following into storming the capital building with deadly consequences; (5 deaths) hundreds more injured.

Republicans FAVORITE quote: “Democrats are a threat to America”

Looks like inciting a riot to me… from r/PublicFreakout
New Footage Shows What It Was Like Inside The Trump Mob At The Capitol from r/PublicFreakout
Richard Barnett

Richard Barnett, the man pictured in social media with his feet up on a desk in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office was arrested this morning in Little Rock, AR, a federal prosecutor says.

The guy who broke into Nancy Pelosi’s Office from r/PublicFreakout

MAGA Mob Kills Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, Iraq War Veteran Defending Congress From Trump Rioters

“Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol and was injured while physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,” the statement read.

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