Talks between the Venezuelan government and the U.S Backed opposition to be held in Mexico

Talks between delegations of the Venezuelan government and the U.S backed opposition could begin on August 13 in Mexico, said sources with knowledge of the matter.

The dialogue would be mediated by international actors and with the support of Norway, which was the facilitating country in a previous negotiation attempt in 2019, which sought to alleviate the deep political crisis in the South American country.

The sources said that the dates could still change and that a start on August 15 is also possible.

Venezuela has had a long history of failed coups…primarily perpetrated by the U.S Government

Currently, Venezuela’s opposition is recognized by the United States as the legitimate government, even though they have not been elected.

The U.S. has been financing the Venezuelan opposition for years, But this is not new, The U.S has had a long had a history of trying to topple elected officials in favor of pro-western politicians in Venezuela.

The Trump administration indicated it was willing to support a military overthrow of the socialist government headed by President Nicolás Maduro.

Even Before Trump, Venezuela faced foreign interference and coups, the failed US-backed ouster of Hugo Chávez in 2002, or the political violence it has unleashed in the streets continuously since 2013. 

If coups don’t change Governments’ sanctions are imposed. Trump’s Economic Sanctions Have Cost Venezuela About $6bn Since August 2017

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