Sec. of State Blinken on Regime Change

Antony Blinken began his first full day as U.S. secretary of state promising to repair ties with global partners and show the world that America can lead while tackling climate change, “the erosion of democracies” and other complex issues. According to Reuters

The tackling of “Erosion of Democracies” is the new catchphrase for pushing American values abroad, it looks like. World leaders and scholars are also looking at Antony Blinken to see what new Regime Change’s The State department will bring into the new year.

Not Everyone Believes the new Sec. of State has learned anything from past failed foreign policy endeavors.

Before his confirmation, Rand Paul was the only Senator to bring up Antony Blinken History of failed foreign policy involving Regime Change past.

Sen. Rand Paul Questions Sec. of State Blinken on Regime Change

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