Russia Brings Crimea Back into the fold.


The 1954 transfer of Crimea to satellite state of Ukraine. The transfer of the Crimean Oblast in 1954 was an administrative action of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, which transferred the government of the Crimean Peninsula from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian SSR. At that time the transfer, Then USSR government never would imagine Ukrainian would seek independence from the Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

Understanding Russia’s Strategic Move on Crimea continues to be debated today. Russia Made a move on Crimea after an Orange Revolution in Ukrainian. That some say was orcatrated by the U.S.

Securing Independence

Russia feared it’s only warm water port would be turned into a Nato stronghold. Thus, in Putin’s words, it had no choice but to act.

The average Crimean was Ethnic Russian and voted to be part of Russia during the referendum.

Russian Perspective

Mar 18, 2014

Russia and Crimea have signed a treaty of accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol in the Russian Federation following President Putin’s address to the Parliament

President Vladimir Putin has, in the last hour, signed a treaty to incorporate Crimea into Russia. Putin signed the law after a speech to Russia’s parliament, in which he hit back at his critics.