The Russian Intervention In Syria

Putin Talks About Terrorist in Syria.
Putin Talks Syria

The Russian Federation found itself pulled into the Syria conflict in order to combat foreign and domestic terrorists and help prop up The Syrian Government after getting a formal request from Damascus. In an interview with an American apologist, Charlie Rose, Rose spoke with Putin about Russias foreign intervention.

Damascus confirmed request for aid.

2015 The Russian air force was dispatched to Syria after a formal request from the Syrian state via a letter by President Assad to Russian President Putin.

Main Russian Casualties

In the course of the joint Syrian-Russian operation, Prokhorenko, a 25-year-old Russian special forces officer tasked with guiding Russian warplanes to terrorist targets, Fear of being captured Prokhorenko called an airstrike on himself when his position was compromised and was surrounded by ISIS militants.

A Russian plane was shot down near the Turkish Syrian Border, thus escalating tensions with Turkey.

Russian Militery Bases in Syria

The Khmeimim Air Base (RussianХмеймим), also Hmeimim Air Base. In December 2017, Russia announced, “forming a permanent grouping” at Khmeimim as well as at its naval facility in Tartus.

According to the document, Russian vessels, including nuclear-powered cruisers, will be allowed to enter Syrian waters and ports.

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