Mark Feierstein Doesn’t like the Idea of Mexico offering Wikileaks founder safe haven

Mark Feierstein Doesn't like the Idea of Mexico offering Wikileaks founder safe haven. 

“Lopez Obrador seems to be making an effort to damage U.S. relations just as Joe Biden prepares to take office,” said Mark Feierstein, a former Obama administration official.

When Foreign Governments sugest something not inline with America's foreign policy, THEY quickly become targets of current and former administrations lackys. Even though a new Administrations enter the White house, these indeveduals continues on with old policies, often times fail policy.

Mark Feierstein serves as Principal Advisor to the Administrator, managing a range of USAID’s (NGO) policy priorities and leading the agency’s coordination with the other foreign policy agencies in the U.S. government.

American NGOs have been accused of being front groups for the U.S State Department, tools that push Governments towards America’s Objectives.

Mark Feierstein is an example of a Deep State individual that stays in the Government Office in order to continue pushing past and oftentimes failed U.S policy.

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