The Kabul Terrorist Attacks

Multiple ideological factions and groups continue to vie for dominance in Afghanistan even after the Taliban has captured the majority of the country.

  • Terrorist cells still operate underground
  • The Taliban has also faced skirmishes with ISIS backed groups

Before the terrorist attacks at the airport, the Taliban had issued a statement against terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Taliban: “We will never again let terrorists use the country as a base,” the newly appointed ‘Minister of Information’ Sabihullah Mujahid promised in his first interview just hours before the terror attack outside #Kabul airport.

Three terrorist attacks have been reported so far. The Reports are ongoing, and the list of those missing or hurt by the attack continues to climb…

Even more gruesome videos have not been posted online. we have declined to post those videos here because they are not necessary to understand the news. No need for gruesome videos.

Before The Attacks

Just Before the attacks, Russia decided to evacuate its personnel from the country; Russia was one of the few countries keeping an embassy open in Afghanistan after the Taliban captured Kabul. Russia quickly moved to evacuate after reports of imminent attacks on foreigners from ISIS Backed groups. The Russian military began evacuating 500 citizens of Russia and other citizens from Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

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