John Mearsheimer Talks About The Russian Military operation in Ukraine

WHY DID RUSSIA INVADE UKRAINE? John Mearsheimer Talks About continued NATO expansion eastward.

John J. Mearsheimer Talks About Ukraine The Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian Military operation in Ukraine

When did the Russia-Ukraine war actually start?

Many Americans incorrectly believe the Russia-Ukraine conflict began only after Russia started its Military operation on 24 February 2022 in Ukraine, but that was not the case; it started after a coup that the U.S Gov backed overthrew the Ukrainian government, soon after, part of Ukraine ( the ethnic Russians) didn’t want to be part of the imposed Ukraine Government, to avoid a civil war in Donbas, Russia brokered a peace deal called the “Minsk agreements.” Ukraine’s failure to implement the Minsk agreement led to its collapse, and Ukraine focused on returning the breakaway region by force.

It’s important to note: the first big Military operation in Europe was the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

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