Monday, September 20, 2021


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Genetic Engineering In order To Fight Covid-19

Genetic Engineering vaccines show promise. ZyCoV-D vaccine which uses The three-dose has been found to prevent symptomatic disease in only 66% of those vaccinated,...

Dr Shashi Tharoor MP – How The British Plundered India

Shashi Tharoor talks about how India was exploited by the Colonising country Great Britain. Shashi Tharoor MP explains how everything valuable was taken from...

Russia the Peacemaker?

Russian maintains amicable relationships with both India and China, Unlike the U.S , And because of that main reason, Both countries chose Russia as...

China–India Border Skirmishes

Beijing accuses New Delhi of 'severe military provocation' but India denies its soldiers crossed the disputed border. Tensions along the India-China border have flared-up once...

China-India standoff risks unintentional war…

Moves and clashes over the past few months have made the situation unpredictable, raising the risk that a miscalculation from either side could have...


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