The IMF & Western Media Vs El Salvador

After El Salvador’s decision to use Bitcoin as a currency the country has been hit with negative news towards the Government.

“I don’t think they thought through all the implications,” said Ricardo Castaneda, senior economist and coordinator for El Salvador at Icefi, a think-tank. Ricardo Castaneda: By now the government should have realized that it is technically infeasible…. Going forward is the equivalent of jumping off the cliff without a parachute,” he says

Salvadoran vice president slams market fears over constitutional reform plan

Recently El Salvador’s bonds fell after the government proposed more than 200 changes to the constitution, including an extension of presidential terms. The reform would add a year to the presidential term, taking it to six from five years, and included changes to the Supreme Electoral, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, and the general prosecutor’s office.

Western Media as per usual has not been kind to any strong-willed leader in South America.

It’s unclear if El Salvador is able to continue on with its proposals in the face of countless public obstructions from Western-funded institutions and Media organizations.

The IMF is worried other developing nations could follow El Salvador’s Move To Bitcoin, thus breaking USD Dependency.

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