How Economic Sanctions Work

sanc·tions: noun
plural noun: sanctions
Economic sanctions: Commercial and financial penalties applied by one or more countries against a  sovereign state, group, or individual. 

The primary goal of an economic embargo or sanctions is to bring a country to heel or to break a country’s will and bow to the demands of the country imposing sanctions.

Sanctions are supposed to affect or cripple an economy being targeted, thus creating economic turmoil for the countries citizens targeted and in turn, coerce citizens to do the bidding of the country responsible for the economic destruction.

The country implementing sanctions is depending on the targeted citizens of the country affected to blame their own Government in charge, and not the ones that originally created the economic turmoil.

Secondary goals of an Economic Embargo & Sanction

According to a U.S Government report from U.S. GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE, The Secondary goals are purely symbolic and serve to enhance the
prestige or status of the sanctioning government
. Sanctions can also increase the standing of the sanctioning government in the eyes of its domestic interest groups.

Countries under an Economic Embargo & Sanctions:

Questioning the moral ethics of creating an economic calamity with Sanctions

More and more people are questioning the moral ethics behind using sanctions.

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