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Dr Shashi Tharoor MP – How The British Plundered India

Shashi Tharoor talks about how India was exploited by the Colonising country Great Britain. Shashi Tharoor MP explains how everything valuable was taken from India and almost nothing was given.

from Inglorious Empire
Book by Shashi Tharoor

When China Becomes The Number One SuperPower

Kishore Mahbubani talks about "When China Becomes Number One", often a subject that is considered taboo in the U.S, Yet has been freely talked...

At Americas behest Britain sends aircraft carrier to the South China Sea

Britain sends aircraft carrier group into the South China Sea at America's behest. In a move to try to flex its strength in the South...

Malcolm X On The African Diaspora need for a Strong Africa

Malcolm X talks about the need for a Strong Africa.

Fidel Castro Speech about Angola

In 1988, Cuba (had 55,000 Cuban troops in Angola) Cuban intervention had a substantial impact on Southern Africa, especially in defending large parts of Angola...

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