Democracynow Caught Pedaling Propaganda

The Website Democracynow ran news stories regarding the Mexican Military hack, and in the title, it read “Mexico” in another, the “Government” armed cartels. The Website Democracynow implies that the Mexican Government fully backed the illegal weapons transfers. Yet, something that has not been proven has been continuously insinuated by the western media to discredit the Mexican military.

The leaks show it was made by a small group of individuals working in the Government and not proven to be organized by the Heads of Government as the Website would have you believe.

Why the push to Discredit Mexico’s Military?

It’s important to note that the U.S is not in favor of Mexico using its military to fight the drug war; in fact, the U.S for years it had dictated to Mexico how its drug war should be fought via the Mérida Initiative, and that Initiative has failed, Today Mexico is going its own way in its fight against drug gangs that make billions trying to alleviate the U.S. drug appetite.

Mexico, for its part, has acknowledged that corruption is one of the biggest problems facing Mexico today, and has put its trust in the military because the military has proven itself to be less corrupt and more loyal. It also allows the Federal Government to move more quickly when defusing regional crime or natural emergencies without state interference.

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