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No nation is better than others, and China won’t ever acknowledge any country that considers itself along these lines

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price's explanations of Sherman's trip to China as "from a position of strength" due to its consultations with its...

Will Huawei Survive attacks by the American Government?

Who is Ant Group? and What about It’s IPO

Tencent payment platforms while Singapore’s GIC Plans to Invest More Than $1 Billion in the Ant Group IPO. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. The Interest...

America’s Propaganda Machine: Biased News

The consequences of Agenda-Setting Campaigns: Biased News

America has ‘gone too far’ interfering in other countries’ affairs, Wang Yi says

‘Some people in the US better manage their own affairs first, abide by the principles of international relations,’ Chinese foreign minister says at a...

China’s Global Data Security Initiative

Global Data Security Initiative

A European Perspective on the China-US Cold War The Europeans are caught between an American leader that they are not fond of because of his brash approach to foreign policy, and China,...

China plans massive support for the semiconductor sector

Beijing is preparing broad support for so-called third-generation semiconductors for the five years through 2025, said the people, asking not to be identified discussing...


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