China–India Border Skirmishes

Beijing accuses New Delhi of ‘severe military provocation’ but India denies its soldiers crossed the disputed border.

Tensions along the India-China border have flared-up once again after Chinese and Indian officials accused each other’s soldiers of firing warning shots. According to the Chinese officials, Chinese troops approached the India side for negotiations, then the Indian troops fired at the Chinese side.

It’s the first time the two have fired shot’s in the disputed border or as it’s been called by China and Indian officals call it , The Line of Actual Control, in four decades. Both sides have assembled troops to the area and both sides have traded blame.

Both sides have sent troops to the disputed Himalayan border, which sits at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres or (13,500 feet).

Line of Actual Control

The Line of Actual Control is a loose demarcation line that separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory in the Sino-Indian border dispute. The term was first used by Zhou Enlai in a 1959 letter to Jawaharlal Nehru. wiki

Peace Talks in Russia

Russia is “encouraging” India and China to talk to each other but is not playing a mediatory role, Russian Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Roman Babushkin said on Tuesday 09/08/2020.

Foreign interests

Foreign ministry spokespeople—during a daily press briefing and lead Beijing’s response to foreign affairs has hinted that Washington, D.C. should stay out of the conflict.

After reports that Trump and Modi discussed border tensions in June, spokesperson Zhao Lijian said: “There have been sound mechanisms and channels of communication between China and India, and the two sides are capable of properly resolving relevant issues through dialogue and consultation. There is no need for any third party to intervene.”

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin when asked about the closer U.S & India relations, Wang Wenbin said: “We hope and believe that India, as an important force as we head toward a multipolar world, will be able to maintain its independent foreign policy and safeguard regional peace and stability through concrete actions, and play a constructive role in international affairs.”

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