Carrie Lam Calls Out Western Hypocrisy

After protesters stormed and destroyed property in the H.K Legislative Council, authorities started to crack down on the violent protesters. The Western governments, for their part, criticized the government as heavy-handed. Fast forward to 2021, The U.S experienced similar riots in D.C. The U.S Justified its actions as “the need to maintain the rule of law.”

Citing the US Capitol riot, H.K City’s leader accuses foreign critics of double standards when they condemn rioters in the US vs the support for violent protesters and rioters in Hong Kong.

“Why should Hong Kong not have the safeguards on national security when jurisdictions all over the world have a series of legislation to safeguard their own national security? Are they suggesting that the safety of Hong Kong people is of lesser significance and importance than American citizens in American society? 

The Double standards represent the West’s hegemony and arrogance in 2021

Carrie Lam defended arrests in Hong Kong, saying: WE HAVE RAMPANT VIOLENCE AND RIOTS UNDERMINING THE SAFETY OF HONG KONG PEOPLE, PROPERTIES AND BUSINESSES, ‘Everyone is equal before the law and no one is above that.

The west louded the protesters with praise and admiration after they stormed the legislative council.

Carrie Lam insists ‘Hong Kong is a society of the rule of law’ after 55 former opposition lawmakers and activists were arrested over an unofficial primary election last year

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