At Americas behest Britain sends aircraft carrier to the South China Sea

Britain sends aircraft carrier group into the South China Sea at America’s behest.

In a move to try to flex its strength in the South China sea, Britain has moved ships close to China’s Borders. The U.S and its allies continue on with their goal of containing China, be it at sea or in commerce.

Countries Allied with The U.S Geopolitical posture are members of The Five Eyes (FVEY) an alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

China Reaction

After repeated acts of intimidation from the west and being the targets of Containment and Hegemony, China has determined to focus on its military in order to safeguard against miscalculations from foreign governments.

Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for greater focus on military development, according to SCMP, Xi tells Politburo study session that the country needs to ‘make preparations for military struggle’.

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