The Biden Administration Is Putting Pressure On Mexico to Accept American Genetically Modified Crops

Maize, also known as corn, is a cereal grain first domesticated by indigenous peoples in southern Mexico about 10,000 years ago

The Biden Administration, via USTR (Office of the United States Trade Representative), is pushing Mexico to accept Gently Modified Crops for the Mexican Market even though many of those same crops have been made illegal in many other countries.

  • Genetically modified crops (GM crops

Currently, Mexico has said it will “revoke and refrain from granting permits for the release of genetically modified corn seeds into the environment,” stated a decree issued Thursday evening, which also mandated the phase-out of GMO corn imports by 2024.

It’s unclear how Biden would try and force Mexico into accepting GMOs or if it would wait for a change in Mexican Governemnt, one that is favorable to American GMOs.

Countries that banned or have restrictions on GMO’S

Several countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia have chosen a total ban

GMO CROPS are grown and sold in the U.S.

Mexico’s Native Corn Seed Project

Many Seed banks in Mexico were set up to preserve Native Corn diversity from any potential cross-contamination of GMO’s

Community seed banks in Mexico, main functions

• conserve local diversity in situ;
• select seed in the field during each agricultural cycle and guarantee seed
availability for subsequent cycles;
• further seed exchanges among bank members and non-member farmers;
• produce seed of threatened or endangered varieties;
• participate in seed fairs organized at the local, state, and national levels;
• participate as assistant or instructor in training events on conservation and
seed reproduction;
• maintain a seed stock to guarantee recovering crops following natural disasters

Because of the great diversity of crops in Mexico, seed banks hold a large
number of species, although their emphasis is on the predominant crops of
small family farms or milpas (maize, beans, squash, chilies, etc.) (Plate 31).
Banks in the Seed Basket network are part of an initiative to promote organic
agriculture. They work with both native and introduced horticultural crops to
guarantee the self-sufficiency of communities in a diversity of foods (Table 42.1).
Participants are involved in improving cropping practices and the productivity of
the crops conserved. [seedbank_in_Mexico.pdf]

Other U.S Farm Products Banned in Mexico

Mexico’s current rules mandate a phase-out by 2024 of the herbicide glyphosate, used in Roundup, the same year that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador leaves office.

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