The President of Mexico will now start debunking fake news daily

Due to the unfettered biased news against Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican President has decided to debunk fake news daily during his press briefings.

Western Media, Primarily from the U.S, has done little, if any, fact-checking on news stories reported from the many “Anti Andrés López Obrador” news organizations, deciding to run any anti-Andrés Manuel López Obrador news story without verification or fact-checking.

The character assassination campaign is in full swing.

Exposing Fake NEWS

In the past, The president left the fact-checking to the news editors, but recently the fake news has gotten so brazen that the Mexican President has decided to devote part of his press briefings to fact-checking news outlets. Even proposing a bill that would target fake news. this in turn has alarmed western media giants that are accustomed to having free reign in reporting the news as to how they see fit.

Europe, along with American media, are attacking the President for his stance against fake news. American corporate mouthpiece The Economist has called on Mexicans to “curb Mexico’s power-hungry president”.

The Long Road Ahead…Mexico’s Struggle to free it’s self from Foreign interference

Mexico faces many hurdles, including crime, corruption, and multi-national interests vying for influence in Mexico. In addition to those public and well-documented problems, the President is now facing severe pushback from pro-big business news media that fear any new changes in Mexico would hamper business deals in Mexico, believing it is better to have a status quo in favor of large conglomerates than any changes that could potentially disrupt agreed-upon deals with past Presidents.

Mexican speaking audience can get unedited press briefing @ the Presidents YouTube page

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