A look at Australia’s War Crimes in Afghanistan

A report on alleged war crimes in Afghanistan by Australia was released. China trolled Australia on Twitter about it.

Last month, Australia released the Brereton report, the result of a four-year inquiry into war crimes committed by the nation’s elite Special Air Services while fighting in Afghanistan.

Among the report’s allegations was that soldiers were involved in the murder of 39 Afghan civilians, none of which occurred during battle. Allegations of systematic Killings by Australia’s Soldiers. Those orders to Kill allegedly came from top Australian Officials, the report claims. Senior commanders allegedly prompted junior officers to kill prisoners in a process called “blooding,” and weapons were planted on the dead captives to justify their executions.

One of the most grisly killings involved an allegation that “describes two ’14-year-old boys suspected of being Taliban sympathizers had their throats slit.

Chinese artists depicted the killings of those two children. In return, Australia demanded an apology for the artist’s depiction of the incident.


Western media went on a blitz screen in order to carry the message for Australia and make the artwork and not the crimes of war as the center of conversation.

The Whistleblowers

David McBride: The whistleblower.

  • David McBride, the whistleblower who exposed the Australian Defence Force’s war crimes in Afghanistan, has faced Australias government’s retaliation in order to silence him and keep him from speaking up.
  • David McBride is the whistleblower who took great personal risk to expose Australia’s war crimes in Afghanistan. His report has been vindicated. The toxic culture of the ADF is being addressed. He deserves a medal not a prison sentence. Drop all charges!

A Gofundme has been setup for David MCBRIDE – ofundme.com/f/50-years-in-jail-for-whistleblowing-on-the-adf

The American Whistleblower: Josh

(Allegations include the execution by Australian SAS soldiers of a bound prisoner because a US helicopter could take only six, not seven, passengers.) – Josh* flew 159 combat missions for the USMC’s Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469 (HMLA-469).

Josh told investigators he was a door gunner providing aerial covering fire for the Australian soldiers of the 2nd Commando Regiment during a night raid in mid-2012.

Whistleblower: Mr Braden Chapman: He served with the SAS in Afghanistan as a signals intelligence officer.

“I think those people should go to jail,” said Mr Chapman of his former special forces colleagues who he says were involved in the killings.

Mr Chapman is one of a handful of brave Australians who have identified themselves while talking about what they witnessed in Afghanistan.

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