Andrés Manuel López Obrador Speech About Cuba’s Protest and Embargo

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a speech regarding the protest in Cuba, During his speech, he made it clear that Mexico would give humanitarian aid without pretext or political reason.

The President of Mexico also stated that the protest should be resolved peacefully “by Cubans” and that there shouldn’t be any foreign Interference in Cubas’s internal affairs, Reminding reporters that Cuba is a Sovereign and Independent Republic.

López Obrador also said Foreign countries shouldn’t use “Aid” as a Political Tool for Government change in Cuba, and if Governments really wanted to help Cuba they would lift the Embargo.

Mexico’s principles of foreign policy under the constitution in Article 89, Section 10, include respect for international law and legal equality of states, their sovereignty and independence, non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and promotion.

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