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Mexico’s AMLO Accused USAID groups of plotting a “Coup”

This isn’t the first time US-Aid organizations have been accused of destabilizing activities in foreign countries. Oftentimes aid groups are used by the U.S Government to push certain foreign policy agendas and help opposition parties that are in line with American policy views.

 The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), run by Samantha Power, Samantha Power is better Known for her time in The Obama administration. She was an integral advocate pushing for regime changes in the Middle East, primarily in Syria and Libya. Both countries would eventually get regime changes and end up becoming failed states soon after.

Under her new role in the USAID organization, she has now focused on South America and those Governments that don’t consider themselves vessel states of America.

After President AMLO exposed American aid groups in Mexico of Flagrant Interference during a press briefing, The U.S officials were put on notice that any new foreign Interference by U.S Aid groups will not be tolerated.

Mexico President Lopez Obrador sent a formal letter of protest to the U.S Government for it's involment (Foreign Government Meddling) via the U.S Government Agency (USAID) in the financial backing of NGO group "Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity" (MCCI): U.S Aid Groups often use catchy and "social justice sounding" names in order to give validation to their orginisation and not arouse suspicion of their true intentions or involvement in a foreign country. 

USAID groups are used as a soft power tool by many wealthy countries vying for influence in countries they operate, often time under the disguise of humanitarian work.

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