America’s New Intervention In El Salvador

The Biden Administration is not the only administration that continues to claim Hegemony over countries South of its border. through its antiquated claim of the sphere of influence, as the U.S likes to call it, the U.S government continues its interference of developing countries in the region.

Sphere of influence: In the field of international relations, a sphere of influence is a spatial region or concept division over which a state or organization has a level of cultural, economic, military, or political exclusivity— a form of Modern Colonialism.

The U.S Government falsely claims El Salvador’s appointment of new judges raises fears of a power grab, appointment of new judges, something that is routinely done in the U.S political system but has been frowned upon when a country that falls under the American sphere of influence, as is the case with El Salvador.

Currently, El Salvador is moving away from the U.S backed dollar as the foreign reserve, which has alarmed U.S officials.

During a meeting that was captured on Spanish Television but has had a very low circulation in the U.S media, The President of El Salvador made his case and ultimately showed how hypocritical the Governments that tried to condemn his actions of instituting his own judge during his administration’s term, Nayib Bukele pointed out, in America’s Political system, this is the same process that is routinely done after an election.

Past U.S intervition in El Salvador.

During the Carter and Reagan administration, The United States contributed to fomenting the CIVAL WAR conflict by providing military aid of $1–2 million per day to the government of El Salvador. in the context of the Cold War.

This page will be routinely updated as El Salvador has once again become a center of attention for American intervention.

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