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America’s Anti China Goals and Propaganda Push

Daniel Dumbrill takes a look at America’s anti-China propaganda push. The new anti-China push looks very familiar to America’s old playbook of dehumanizing its competitor or adversary.

Economic Sanctions

How Economic Sanctions Work

sanc·tions: noun plural noun: sanctions Economic sanctions: Commercial and financial penalties applied by one or more countries against a sovereign state, group, or individual. The primary...

Andrés Manuel López Obrador Speech About Cuba’s Protest and Embargo

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made a speech regarding the protest in Cuba, During his speech, he made it clear that Mexico would...

The United States economic embargo on the Republic of Cuba

The United States still maintains a draconian-style economic embargo on the Republic of Cuba. The primary function is to punish the people of Cuba...

Americas Chaotic and Unorganized Retreat From Afghanistan

The Chaotic Retreat and sudden departure from Afghanistan has left the current Afghanistan Government vulnerable in Bagram. After the unannounced and unorganized departure of...

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