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America has ‘gone too far’ interfering in other countries’ affairs, Wang Yi says

  • ‘Some people in the US better manage their own affairs first, abide by the principles of international relations,’ Chinese foreign minister says at a press conference with Russian counterpart

[SCMP] news article regarding foreign interference. Example of foreign interference.

A short History of meddling

China: Afghanistan must never again become a haven for terrorists.

"#Afghanistan must never again become heaven for terrorists. This is the bottom line that must be held firmly for any future political solution in...

With Afghanistan Out Of The Equation, China has all the Attention

China is expected to get even more attention from the U.S after the fall of Kabul, Be it, not the kind China wants, Also,...

The Fall of Kabul

When Kabul finally falls, it will most likely be a harsh reality for the U.S, It will represent 20 years of wasted time and...

The WHO Investigation Into The Origins of Covid-19 Is Very Much Political

From the very beginning, Scientists said the lab-leak theory is unsubstantiated and thus, it would unlikely be able to make those pushing for a...

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