A La Mitad Del Camino By Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Released a new Book detailing his first three years as President of Mexico. The book details his many struggles to fight corruption and the pushback from old bureaucratic institutions along with stonewalling from the corrupt politicians from PRI and PAN.

The book also detailed the rescue of President Evo Morales during the U.S backed coup in Bolivia, AMLO despatched a military plane on a secret mission to rescue the Bolivian Leader, that plan almost went sour, as the Mexican military airplane sent for Evo Morales was almost hit by a rocket as it flew away from the tarmac.

The book also details the many accomplishments his administration has been able to achieve during the first three years.

This book is currently only available in Spanish. we will update if an English version is made available.

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